DIXCO HT/x Hood Tachometer - Manufacturer DIXSON Inc.

Dixson Tach starts in May 1958 in Vashon Island

In May 1958,
Bruce E. Dixson and his wife Louise co-founded a manufacturing company Dixson Inc. in their garage on Vashon Island (Washington)

Bruce conceived a way to simplify the installation of tachometers (instruments that display engine RPM on autos, boats and trucks) and to expand their retail sales potential through a unique electronic system he devised allowing a single model to be installed on a wide variety of vehicles.

In 1963 Bruce was buying electronic meter movements, key elements in his DIXCO brand tachometers, from General Meters in Grand Junction. General Meters was in financial difficulty and its board members convinced Bruce to move his operation to Grand Junction and take over the failing meter company. Bruce hired trucks that not only transported his manufacturing operation from Vashon, but also the household goods of his employees who moved to Grand Junction with him.

Between 1963 and 1987 when it was sold, Dixson, Inc. was one of Mesa County's largest employers, with over 450 people working at the 110,000 square foot Orchard Mesa Plant at 287 27 Road and at a 36,000 square foot giftware manufacturing facility at 304 West Main, Grand Junction. In addition to the local operations, Dixson, Inc. owned manufacturing plants in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, City of Industry, California and in Douglas, Arizona/Agua Preita, Mexico.

The Dixson operation was acquired in 1995 by AMETEK Inc. and continues to manufacture instrumentation for trucks, busses and other heavy-duty vehicles.

The "DIXCO" label in Colorado was a recipe for success

In the early 1970s, Dixson developed a Hood Tachometer and gave it the "DIXCO" label. The production of the Hood Tachometers included numerous brands such as Mopar and Ford, which had offered the HT/x models for all 69-70 Mustangs and Shelby in the Muscle Parts program.

A very special version was the Yenko Hood Tachometer, for the Chevy NOVA Deuce. This tach could be ordered from Yenko Sportscars Inc. in Canonsburg and was delivered with a gray installation and operating manual (Instruction Booklet).

You find a lot of information’s about these very special Hood Tachometer, described in the individual “Brand” sections with all facts and many pictures.

Special tachometer was developed from Dixson Inc. for VIP’s such as Don Garlits, Bill Hielscher and Bob Perry.



In Memory Of

Bruce E. Dixson
, born November 26, 1917 in Jacksonville Florida, unfortunately died on October 24, 2011 in Grand Junction (Colorado), at the age of 93.

In memory of his great products, I dedicate this website to him. Thanks Bruce, for the great Tachometers, which accompany us for a lifetime!

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